Rui Vieira
Project Manager

Tiago Ribeiro

Marco Arriaga 

José Bourbon

Sport Evolution Alliance (SEA) – Partner

Sport Evolution Alliance (SEA) is a non-government private association formed in Oeiras (Lisbon Metropolitan area), at the initiative of a group of sports managers, with significant experience in European grants managing and implementation. We provide services seeking differentiating intervention and advanced solutions for the development of policies in the field of health, education and culture, with a special focus on sport.

Sport Evolution Alliance assumes the following mission, vision and values:

MissionContribute to the development of the community through the connection, assistance and application of initiatives associated with sport

VisionBecome a European reference in the field of EU funding in the sports area, promoting the most innovative communitarian trends locally.


● Sustainability – Sport Evolution Alliance believes that only through sustainability solutions we will introducing the necessary changes;

● Excellence – Sport Evolution Alliance seeks excellence, promoting the overcoming of the realities in which it intervenes;

● Ambition – Sport Evolution Alliance is driven by the constant ambition to practice and generate social development.

SEA main activities are sport management, project planning and control, courses and training, education and sport programs, market studies, consultancy in the areas of sport, data analysis and treatment and sport events. SEA brings innovation, knowledge and access to the most relevant stakeholder, groups and public bodies in Portugal. Our experience allows us to make a great impact on each project that we are involved in. SEA is capable of working in different areas and contexts in the field of sport and the diversity of experiences and backgrounds of the team’s experts is an added value to our performance.