Pedro Teques
Project Manager & Senior Researcher

Andreia Teques
Project Manager

Maieutica de Ensino Superior (IPMAIA) – Partner

Maiêutica is the founding body of University Institute of Maia – ISMAI, and Polytechnic Institute of Maia – IPMAIA, a private non-profit Higher Education Institution (HEI) located in Maia, near Porto. The campus is strategically located within 10 minutes from the city of Porto, which currently occupies the 10th place within the metropolitan areas with the highest industrial concentration in Europe.

Maiêutica is the second largest private non-profit university in north of Portugal with 2 higher education institutions, with 2 Polytechnic Schools and 4 Departments, organized into 56 courses in total. Almost 4050 under- and postgraduate students’ study both in ISMAI and IPMAIA and the permanent staff (non- teaching, teaching and research staff) is 174 people. Also, the university campus occupies an area of 70,000m2 and provides students with excellent infrastructures and leading-edge technological equipment, including a modern sports complex. Infrastructures include specialized laboratories, centres, offices and sports facilities that support both teaching and scientific research activities. A new state-of- the-art sports complex with 17,000m2 has opened in 2016. This complex not only benefits students and staff of the sports department, but also the whole academic and local community that can profit from it with the support of our sport teams and our physical condition labs.

Maiêutica holds more than 150 International Agreements in more than 30 countries with European and Universities and Non-European Universitites and it has supported the implementation of ERASMUS, and other scientific and cooperation projects, etc. It also participates actively in several international projects consortiums (ERASMUS, EEA Grants Public Health Initiatives, European Commission – DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, JUST/Action Grants, etc.)

Ever mindful of rapid change and progress, Maiêutica constantly updates its strategy, policies and everyday practices, in order to meet contemporary local and global demands. The HEI has been able to determine its strengths and weaknesses and to adopt a holistic internationalization strategy. Maiêutica institutions’s Research Policy has two main objectives: first to promote quality and then to foster excellence. Having the quality as a priority and driven by the principles of measurement, correction, evaluation and redefinition, the University aims at its distinction in the international research arena.