Norman Suárez
Project Manager

Pablo García Menéndez
Junior Researcher

Cuicui Studios S.L. (CUICUI) – Partner

Cuicui Studios (CUICUI) is an EdTech start-up dedicated to the creation of serious games and gamification projects. Born in 2014, our initial activity focused on creating software to improve brain health, detect intelligence profiles and cognitive skills and know the learning styles that best suit each user, using techniques such as gamification and models of conception of the mind as the theory of multiple intelligences. CUICUI’s launch project as a company was “Boogies Academy”, a digital library of educational content aimed at primary school students. After that we created the EVENIM project (whose commercial name is Cutie Cuis), consisting of software for the evaluation and improvement of intelligences (through video games) for adult audiences. This project has been very well received in the market, with more than 200,000 users and has even given rise to a line of toys based on the IP of the characters that star in the videogame.

CUICUI is composed of a young team with very heterogeneous profiles. Now currently have 9 employees: 4 programmers, 2 artists, 2 marketing profiles and 1 pedagogue. It is a multidisciplinary and complementary team, both professionally and personally. The average age of the team is 28 years old. Despite being a young start-up, its members have experience in both business management and research.